The Left were pleased with yesterday’s news that the Klan, which had announced its desire to hold a rally in diverse Dayton, OH (51.7% White, 42.9% Black), was only able to send a delegation of 9 pathetic looking settlers waving Confederate and American flags and pitiful signs. In contrast, there was a counter-mobilization of dozens of New Afrikan revolutionary forces represented by the Huey P. Newton Gun Club along with European comrades who also came to oppose the Klan. This was an inspiring show of force and a testament to the existence of a de-facto united front against fascism that has realized the utmost necessity of defending our communities with force, as our enemies seek to use it. This is a war. This battle was won by the revolutionary masses.

It’s clear that the European comrades deferred to the experience and leadership of New Afrikan comrades, as it should be. There was no posturing or chest thumping that would make comrades subject to arrest and the HPNGC maintained utmost discipline and prevented a Charlottesville type debacle. This is the sign of disciplined comrades who actually live and organize day to day in the community that yesterday was defended by force of arms. The masses of Dayton also made their progressive intentions clear, with even bus drivers displaying “Dayton United Against Hate” on the scrolling bars that normally display the route and destination. This is what happens when our antifascism has a mass character instead of being dependent on small, fractured groups. This is in accordance with the Maoist principle that the masses can, indeed, do anything and that we must rely on them for everything.

The administration of the City of Dayton showed its nature when it refused to deny the fascists permission to march under free speech provisions. Once again, we see that the government, whether it be local, state, or federal, has no real interest in combating fascism and will idly stand by and dispatch police with hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars funding them to defend those who seek our collective extinction. This contradiction should constantly be raised, as it was by many counterdemonstrators who correctly held signs and chanted slogans opposing the government’s cowardly decision.

What can we learn from the Dayton action? Build coalitions, reach out to those who are not necessarily Communists but are armed and willing and ready to throw down, unite with the broadest masses, isolate, scorn, mock, and if need be fight the fascists, and build a revolutionary community and rapid response network that can turn out hundreds to beat a few. Mao taught that we must surround the few with the many, surround and smash them. Dayton would have pleased him.