Tears of Satan: Dedicated to Officer Julia Crews

Julia Crews is a former police officer in Ladue, Missouri that shot sister Ashley Hall over a piece of fruit.

Why do you cry, Miss Satan? Did you cry

When you tried to take my sister's life

In Ladue, over a piece of rotten fruit?

Ladue, where those who rob my people

Live in luxury, no worries

Free from guilt or fear

Oh, how sweet your tears

The tears of a Southern massa's wife

When my great-great-great grandmother told her

To kiss her ass and pick her own cotton

Did you cry for my brother Mike Brown?

Vonderrit? Kajieme? Kiwi Herring?

Sandra Bland? Eric Gardner? Danye Jones?

You tried to kill my sister. Did you cry when you pulled the trigger?

Did you cry when you made up your lie?

Of course you didn't. Satan cries only for herself.

Lying is first nature to you. You lied for land, lied for money

Lied as you bathed in the blood of my brothers and sisters

Did you cry

When I, child of 14 years

Saw the woman who gave me birth

In prison garb surrounded by scowling faces?


Know, fool, the time will come

When you will beg for people's prison

Mercy! Mercy! You will cry until you choke.

But you will only find

A wall, a concrete floor, and a single bullet.

None of which are moved

By the tears of Satan.


You are not moved

By the tears and pleas of the people

Who are soon to become

Your wrathful, vengeful, and angry Gods.