The Devil Wears Dashikis, Pt. 2: #2BFrank About the Dangers of Clout Culture

"It was Gazi's penchant for bizarre and sadistic political commentary, rather than their humanitarian cons, that would propel them and their organization to infamy, which Gazi seems to identify with fame."

The Devil Wears Dashikis, Pt. 2: #2BFrank About the Dangers of Clout Culture

By Kylie Marsh

(Editorial Note: Red Voice observes the principle of self-determination for oppressed nations, along with the movement for Indigenous sovereignty all over the world. Though we roundly reject the anti-Semitic views of Gazi Kodzo concerning Jews of any color--including whites--we affirm that Israel is a settler-colonial nation-state that needs to be dismantled, for the liberation of Palestinian people as well as the non-white Jews of that state, who suffer from an inferior, neocolonial form of second-class citizenship. Click here for Pt. 1 of this series)

The social media career of Gazi Kodzo can be seen as a desperate chase for attention, that grows more and more tasteless with each passing year.

Even now, when the entire US left has severed ties with Black Hammer, and they stand accused of serious crimes that have landed other cult leaders in prison for decades, Gazi is still lost in the clout chase, hoping to get famous by tagging rapper Nicki Minaj in bizarre anti-vaxxing protests held by their organization, which has been reduced to a step-ladder to Gazi's own celebrity.

Black Hammer Organization was not always like this, clay in the hands of a wannabe influencer. The organization is relatively new, having only been founded in 2019 by a group of leftists who broke off from groups like Black Lives Matter, The New Black Panther Party and African People’s Socialist Party (APSP). As we learned in interviews, many of these individuals struggled with Gazi to make BHO into a serious revolutionary organization. But as we will see in this section, Gazi used their pseudo-celebrity and the fleeting benefits of their clout-chasing tactics to turn Black Hammer into a social media cult, whose ultimate goal was not Black and colonized liberation, but simply fame for the largely untalented Augustus Romain.

The 35-year-old known as Gazi Kodzo (born Augustus Romain, Jr.), was ousted from the African People's Socialist Party near the end of 2018, following a vote of the party leadership. Apart from multiple abuses of their office, including allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, we are told by Comrade Shupavu that a major reason for Gazi's removal was their flair for needlessly provocative, click-bait social media content, that drew negative attention to the Party. (At one point, Shupavu remarkably claims, Gazi wanted the Party to agree to a VH1 reality show about Gazi's life as a leader in a Black revolutionary movement!)

Gazi’s story is different, stating that they personally elected to leave the organization in several videos on their YouTube channel. In a late 2018 video, Romain said they’d left the APSP and started a new chapter in their life to create something better, “like when Beyonce left Destiny’s Child, when Tina Turner left Ike and when Diana Ross left The Supremes."

Gazi has always been a controversial presence on social media, starting back in 2006 when their YouTube channel went under the name Smiletone. Though they have been on YouTube for some 15 years, they have only managed to amass 44.1K followers on the platform.

They also have accounts on TikTok, a private Twitter account, and public Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Today, despite their Diana Ross delusions, their YouTube channel Commander Gazi shows a depressing lack of growth. The channel’s most popular video, entitled “White People Are Paying Reparations,” has 1.4 million views, but was uploaded in 2016, and dates back to their time in Uhuru. Gazi claimed the videos are still earning them revenue in a Zoom meeting of Black Hammer membership on the 9th of September. But ex-members who previously had access to Romain’s social media accounts posted on Twitter that they currently fail to bring in more than $5 USD a month from the platform. Their second most popular YouTube video has only 209K views and was uploaded in 2015.

According to one of our ex-Hammer sources, Comrade Pat, who is Gazi's former social media director, the vast majority of those subscribers are white supremacists that tune in from time to time to laugh at Gazi, who is an easy straw man for the Black liberation movement that they want to violently suppress. Gazi apparently enjoys the attention, and has even uploaded a video where they claim, with a wide smile, to have given birth to Black Hammer and to the Proud Boys, who supposedly formed in the comments section of Gazi's YouTube channel. (In their typically tasteless way, they state that they have given birth to "two bad bitches," with the implication that Black Hammer and the Proud Boys are on an even plane, or that there is something commendable about the Proud Boys, a far-right, white supremacist militia.)

Almost immediately, Gazi began associating their "political" movement not just with the goal of becoming famous, but also with crowdfunding for liberation projects that never materialize, in the meantime allegedly providing a stream of income to support Gazi's excessive lifestyle.

The “Black Power Project,” organized on GoFundMe, was likely the first seed that grew into the Black Hammer Organization.  This fund only managed to amass a little under four thousand dollars, though its goal was to raise ten thousand “by the end of 2019.” The Black Power Project promised free services including treatment and testing for HIV and Hepatitis. None of this has taken place, and the "Project" has since been forgotten.

But it was Gazi's penchant for bizarre and sadistic political commentary, rather than their humanitarian cons, that would propel them and their organization to infamy, which Gazi seems to identify with fame.

Black Hammer first gained national attention in April 2020 by rustling the feathers of leftists, liberals, and right-wingers alike, after Gazi tweeted a middle finger emoji followed by the name of Anne Frank, calling her a “Becky” and a “Karen,” derogatory terms used for racist, unkind, pearl-clutching White women. Viral  responses to Romain’s tweet came from other communists and websites like StopAntiSemitism.Org.

There was a section of the Black left that was highly critical of this statement. Who mocks the death of a young Jewish girl at the hands of the same fascism that wants to liquidate all non-white humanity? What African tradition revels in the suffering and death of those who are not old enough to decide which side to take in the fight against colonialism, capitalism and fascism?

Who would do something like this? Augustus Romain, the lifelong clout chaser, who thinks all publicity is good publicity, as long as it puts all eyes on Gussy. But it didn't seem to serve any special political objective, until Gazi's enablers went to work.

The organization’s membership scrambled to politicize the issue, doing their best to dig up negative information about the young Holocaust victim’s family. Romain’s incendiary, and frankly (pardon the pun) anti-Semitic tweet was sent in April of last year. By June, it was called “truthful and crucial for the decolonial revolution” by the Black Hammer Times (Black Hammer's tabloid-esque news publication).

Members who should have known better now drew parallels with James Baldwin and Malcolm X, who in their own time were criticized as anti-Semitic for their commentary on Black-Jewish relations; not stopping to note the difference in tone and target in Gazi's statement. Members who were more well-read than Gazi cited the poet Aime Cesaire's passages on the greater African Holocaust in the Congo "Free State," forgetting that Cesaire's purpose was to show the origins of fascism in European colonialism--not to dismiss the horror that victims of the European Holocaust had also suffered.

But Black Hammer members were not alone in this misinterpretation of events. Members of more established Black and colonized political organizations, such as Anticonquista, All-African People's Revolutionary Party, and Black Alliance for Peace, also tweeted statements in support or defense of Romain’s comments; understandably in response to White leftists on the internet criticizing Black leadership, not because of their own anti-Semitism.

Here is one of Gazi's few talents on full display: manipulating comrades with otherwise good intentions, who see an opportunity to inject Black and colonized histories into the mainstream, whereas Gazi sees only the chance to have thousands talking about them. The tweet supposedly highlighted what Gazi felt was hypocrisy on the part of US educational system, which largely ignores its own historical attempts at State-mandated genocide against African and Native peoples. But former Chief of Staff Savvy told us that Gazi was simply being anti-Semitic (possibly without really understanding how), and a pseudo- PR team of Hammers worked to politicize the scandal after the tweet was released.

The Hammer Times article continued this narrative by playing a game of Oppression Olympics,  asking readers “what makes Anne Frank’s story so tragic while the lives of our young, Colonized girls taken at the hands of this imperialist beast, go unnoticed?” The article continues to reference more of Gazi’s tweets, threading a narrative that absolved them of anti-Semitism. (Notice that Gazi did not use this opportunity to uplift the names of Harriet Jacobs, Aiyana Jones, or any other prominent Black women victims of slavery and domestic colonialism over the past 500 years--only to dance on Anne Frank's unmarked grave.)

To add more insult to injury, a month after the Anne Frank controversy opened up, Kevin "Rashid" Johnson, Minister of Defense of the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party, and a celebrated political prisoner, theoretician and organizer, published his own expose on Black Hammer Organization. Johnson’s article was a scathing review of Romain’s character and fascist outlook, making plain their compulsion to manipulate, lie, and throw any moral conscience out the window to get their way. Every tactic was exposed in Agents of Disruption and Deception.

"Operation Storm of White Tears" (OSWT) was a leaked internal document from BHO, laying out a highly cynical strategy to divide and weaken communist organizations throughout the US, simply to improve the overall standing of Black Hammer; and to catapult BHO to fame, which is literally presented as the organization's objective, by manufacturing Anne Frank-style controversies, then neutralizing criticism by playing on victimhood narratives of the membership.

OSWT began when Rashid and other comrades raised criticisms against Gazi's "Anne Frank" Tweet. This is par for the course with them. The document is supposed to be Black Hammer protocol, but it serves just as well for a profile of the conscious-wrecker outlook of Gazi Kodzo. Had the US left taken this document more seriously, had we listened to Rashid, we could have saved ourselves and Black Hammer members much heartache down the line.

In response to Rashid's principled criticisms, Gazi lashed out angrily, revealing the lie behind their stated "prison abolitionist" ideals, tarring Rashid as a so-called "jailbird," before manufacturing a ridiculous rumor that Rashid was not a real human being, but a fictional character created by a white leftist called Tom Watts. Not being satisfied with this, Gazi then deputized one of their most despicable followers to masquerade as a white woman named "Olivia," who "exposed" the details of an illicit affair with Rashid in a Medium article that has since been taken down. Members of the Panther Solidarity Organization quickly traced this profile back to one Alyx McCoy, a white man posing as Indigenous, and an alleged sexual abuser, about whom we will have more to say shortly.

Members who have left or been shut out of Black Hammer give the same testimony as Rashid: they raised a criticism against Gazi's leadership or decisions made for the organization, to which Gazi responded with prompt and absolute expulsion and character assassination.

From inability to take any criticism at all and calling ex-members and dissenters federal agents of the United States, to their distorted self-perception, grandiosity, and crypto-fascism, Johnson’s article proves that Gazi and Black Hammer have not updated their tactics.

The "White Jewish" Question

While Jewish folks straddle the line between White and Brown Middle Easterners in the United States, the cultural-ethnic position of Anne Frank and the Jews of Central Europe facing genocide and imperialism (which go hand in hand) was not White, as Hitler and the volkisch race theorists understood only too well.

Even liberals understand that the White supremacist concept of race is malleable; it must adapt to fulfill the needs of the White, capitalist, imperialist nation. Leftists should have already mastered this concept.

Though instances of clarity and factual understanding are rare for Gazi, what they have to say about the word “genocide” is true. The United Nations passed the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (or just Genocide Convention for short) at the close of the Second World War. Similarly late, the United Nations did not adopt the Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples until 2007; the nations which voted against at the time were the settler-colonial nations of the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Unfortunately, this is where the facts end and the nonsense resumes.

Anyone who has studied history understands that Jews were legally and culturally excluded from identifying with White Christian nations since the early Medieval period. It was the mere existence of Judaism that helped created a stark division between groups of people who may appear today in the West with similar phenotypes. White supremacy, at its genesis, was formed by this distinction (along with the cultural struggle against the African Moors in Southern Europe).

Even in the US, where white Jews have historically attained to the status of the "white ethnic" and enjoy most of the same privileges as their white Gentile counterparts in the settler-colonial project, the whiteness of Jewish people has always been up for debate in moments of national crisis.

For example, anti-war demonstrations across the United States demanded the government not get involved in World War II, despite the fact that protesters self-identified as anti-fascist. The America First Committee, formed in 1940, had bipartisan support: at its peak, its membership topped 800 thousand, and included notable anti-Semites like Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford. Lindbergh later advocated that the plight of the Jewish people was not enough to enter a war that ultimately was not within national interest.

American journalists diligently reported the plight of German Jews in the 1930s. The United States refused some European Jewish refugees in 1940. In public opinion polls sourced by the United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum, half of American respondents thought that the fact that two million Jews had been murdered “was just a rumor.” The United States remained neutral until its naval base at Pearl Harbor in the colonized nation of Hawaii was targeted by Japan, one of the axis powers. After all, the threat of fascism was an ocean away.

That the United States entered the war on the pretense that it morally opposed fascism is retroactive damage-control. The United States didn’t enter the war until it was directly provoked. Therefore, Gazi’s claim that the US only sprang into action in the Second World War because of the Whiteness of the Holocaust victims couldn’t be further from the truth.

Though today in the United States Jews fill a space between White and other, Anne Frank was not White at the time of the Holocaust, and the US did not enter the war to liberate her or her people. This scandal is one example of a pattern of Black Hammer’s only praxis: do anything outrageous to gain media attention and clout to rein in more vulnerable marginalized people.

The Rotten Core of Black Hammer Organization

With typical exaggeration, The Hammer Times claims that the organization has over 700 members. Comrade Savvy has said there are chapters all over the world. But there is no clear indication on the website, nor anywhere else, of just how many chapters there are, and in which countries they operate; and on Twitter, Savvy has loudly mocked Black Hammer's claim that they have "hundreds of members" in their dying org.

What kind of movement really developed in the shadow of Gazi Kodzo's clout chase?

The Black Hammer Organization began as a movement for Black Power, using “Black Power” as their call- and- response cult mantra, and using the red, black and green color scheme of the Garveyite flag. But the Black Hammer of today claims they work for the equality and liberation of “all colonized people,” a line that was conveniently adopted as the org hemorrhaged Black members and began mass-recruiting White Latine and non-Black people of color.

The cult even changed its discipline-inducing mantra to “Land Back,” appropriated from the Six Nations movement in Ontario for Indigenous sovereignty, and right on time for its “Hammer City” campaign. According to Comrade Xiuh, Gazi had simply heard her enthusiastically repeating this slogan from the Six Nations land disputes with the settlers of Caledonia, and decided to make it the mantra of the entire organization, without any understanding of or consultation with First Nations on how best to support their fight against the settler-colony.

The clout- chasing nature of Gazi and their cult of personal followers is only exacerbated by the attention they have received on social media. Gazi is known to impulse-post, sacrificing their so-called “revolutionary” and “liberatory” leftist politics to gain clicks, views, follows, and clout.

After offending Jews and their allies by making anti-Semitic remarks against Anne Frank, the so-called “Black Hitler” was rebranded as “leader of the anti-White revolution” on the Hammer Times.

In 2020, during the height of the COVID outbreak, oppression visibly crystalized around the Black lumpen, leading to revolts in nearly every major US city. To young folks who happened to see Romain and his personal cult on social media, Black Hammer signaled a point of exit from the pandemic, from educational, healthcare, housing, nutritional and employment inequity that characterizes their struggle.

Membership (which relies on payment of dues as big as $100 dollars monthly) and donations flooded to the cult through the website.

Gazi was even legitimized by appearing on Fox News and Newsmax, two mainstream right-wing “news” programs. The Black Hammer Organization was used to strengthen fears amongst White reactionaries in the United States against leftist politics.

“All press is good press” is the only mantra Gazi follows in the daily public relations of their organization, despite the plagiarized core tenets on their website. Sadly, Gazi remains at the top of alt-right uncensored hate forums, and one can only guess that they also make up a significant portion of donations, views, clicks are hate watching and mockery. This phenomenon has not only made people laugh at Black Hammer, but their insistence on being the front and center or “main character” of Communist political bodies in the United States has made a mockery of all leftists in the United States.

Principled communists know that liberation comes from organization of the community. The collective good takes precedence over the individual. That is the core value. Yet everything that Gazi has done in the past, and will do in the future, is solely for their own selfish, subjective, petit-bourgeois goal of being well-known. Gazi does not care whether they are known for being “Black Hitler,” a modeling agent, a Hollywood pimp, or a Nicki Minaj stan--as long as they are known.

Nothing is off-limits for the elite leadership of Black Hammer. There are no morals, no manners, or boundaries when it comes to their dirty strategy of slander, and allegedly, harassment, exploitation of sex work, and outright sexual violence are all fair game.

This provides more damning context for Black Hammer Rally #63, the “revolutionary consent” rally. Black Hammer Chief "Turey," also known as Alyx McCoy, self-criticized and admitted to being guilty of sexual assault. Comrade Xiuh was present at the meeting.

“It was never put in any detail. Alyx McCoy’s allegations were very kept under wraps,” she said.

“I had tried to speak to Gazi about Alyx McCoy’s behavior for a while, but, once again, I was afraid to speak up against another comrade – especially a chief.”

Our team was able to speak with several sources, some of which choose to remain anonymous, that confirm this testimony. Perhaps most disturbingly, Alyx McCoy is still a part of cult leadership, living comfortably amongst Romain and other cult members in the Atlanta “Hammer House," even appearing in photo-ops in a desperate show of lingering support for Gazi's leadership:

Pictured: Gazi Kodzo and their remaining Hammer House hostages, riding the MARTA, mid-September 2021. "Turey" aka Alyx McCoy, alleged sexual abuser and white man pretending to be Indigenous, stands awkwardly in the back, behind Gazi

“Why is this person who is an admitted sexual abuser remaining in the org?” Xiuh asked.

Good question.

Just last month, members who were ousted from the organization were slandered in the Hammer Times as “pedophiles” and their “apologists.”

This makes even less sense when confronted with the fact that Black Hammer purports to be staunchly anti-State, constantly using rhetoric of “infiltration” by “the feds” to explain away membership turnover; yet uses the government names of any of its critics in their slander campaigns. In a Tuesday rally livestreamed to YouTube, Romain also advocated reporting the allegations of pedophilia to the police.

Pictured: a former "Secretary General" of Black Hammer Organization, threatening to call someone's parole officer for having weed at the house, in response to criticisms of their org. Though this person has since been expelled from the organization, they remained in their position for over two months after this Tweet. As the "SecGen" is the second-most powerful position in BHO, this Tweet indicates the degree of comfort that Black Hammer leadership has in general with running to pigs behind political contradictions, even for false accusations

According to Savvy, Gazi used the false allegations of pedophilia against an ex-Hammer member and their supporters as a way to regain power in the organization, after having been near-unanimously voted from their "Commander-In-Chief" position by the International Central Committee (ICC), the democratic-centralist leading body of the organization. (More details on this contradiction will be revealed in Pt. 3.) Gazi claimed to have recorded audio evidence from a past meeting in which the accused admitted to sexually assaulting children at a daycare center. “Put a thumbs up reaction if you remember that meeting,” Gazi commanded to participants in the Zoom meeting. Interestingly, the audio has never been released, though Gazi hypocritically insists on recorded evidence of any abuse allegations made against themselves.

And the hypocrisy in BHO truly has no end. It includes use of patriarchal forms of sexuality and objectification to recruit new members, even going so far as to suggest Xiuh create an NSFW OnlyFans account to fund the cult.

“Gazi would never outright say that they want someone to do sex work, but he would say that people should make an OnlyFans and do sex work to fund the organization under their own consent,” she said.

Savvy echoed this, saying that organization “outreach” took shape in the form of dressing up provocatively and going out to clubs and bars in Atlanta. Gazi encouraged cult members to flirt with the public to recruit members, as well as purchase marijuana for them.

She also said this is why the Black Hammer Instagram account featured provocative and semi-nude photos for “Man Crush Mondays,” “Woman Crush Wednesdays” and even a gender-neutral “Them Crush Thursdays.”

This thread of using sexuality to recruit new members reportedly turned more ominous, when a former BH chief admitted to using Tinder to recruit new members, to which Gazi said, "that sounds like a great idea" (according to Xiuh's account). Savvy herself was banned from the platform for doing this. In a recent video, since taken down from the Commander Gazi YouTube channel, titled "Abundance is Our Future," the then-Black Hammer cyber-recruitment chief advocates for making Tinder-based recruitment a regular practice; though according to nearly everyone we interviewed, this had already been informally practiced and encouraged in the org for a long time.

The tactic of drawing in members and funds to a political or religious organization by using the sexuality of its members is a highly dangerous cult practice, that was pioneered by the Children of God cult in the 70's, where it was called "flirty fishing." The organization's leader, Moses David Berg, an infamous mass pedophile, spent decades on the run from Interpol for numerous sex crimes, including sex trafficking, tied to expanding the "flirty fishing" tactic overseas.

Apart from the obvious impropriety of enticing members into a political organization through flirtation, this practice can lead to a number of dangerous outcomes. Members could feel undue pressure to engage in romantic or sexual relationships with new recruits whose main interest, after all, was to find a date online. Individuals who are not at all interested in politics could join the organization believing that they have joined an extended dating pool, inviting sexual harassment and assault. And as at least one former member has claimed, members could feel compelled to turn over money raised from their CashApps as plugged on their dating profiles, directly to the Black Hammer treasury.

All of this is incredibly risky stuff for marginalized gender (maGe) members of the organization in particular. Nobody organizing for the liberation of all workers--including sex workers--should feel pressure to sexualize themselves for maximum recruitment, or to turn over the proceeds of their sex work to a revolutionary organization.

Unfortunately, Black Hammer does not discriminate in the ages of those they prey upon. Accused of exposing minors to sexually explicit content on their Instagram page, leadership insisted to Xiuh that Black Hammer’s official organization documents have always required that members be 18 years of age or older. Gazi assured her that there is a consent form for the parents of individuals who are 16 and older to sign.

Xiuh used the Wayback Machine to check the archive of the Black Hammer website. To her dismay, this was a lie – the age restriction had been changed after the age controversy.

“It was a complete fabrication. There was no document that said minors couldn't be in the organization,” she said. “When they were getting a bunch of flack for that accusation, they changed it on the fly. I believed it because I believed no one would do something so shitty. Seriously, we’re dealing with people’s kids now.”

Just when you think there is a limit to the depravity of this cult’s actions, there is yet another page to be turned; another scandal to be uncovered.

And another scam, too, which is exactly what the utopian project of Hammer City became in the hands of the lifelong liar and thief, Augustus Romain, Jr.

At the age of 25, Xiuh was fed up with White leftist leadership in organizing spaces. She was also in a position of vulnerability (like most of the cult’s victims), wrestling on and off with houselessness.

Having been present at the Standing Rock conflict, Black Hammer’s loud cry for decolonization drew her to the cult in late 2019.

“At first at least, people were generally nice,” she said. “It seemed like a group where we could protect each other, and we did.”

Black Hammer suffers from a dearth of members despite claiming to have chapters all over the nation and the world; new members are only rank and file for a short period until being appointed by Gazi to be Chiefs or Ministers. Quickly after joining, Xiuh gained a leadership position on the Land Liberator Council, which was tasked with researching location and necessities for the autonomous commune known as “Hammer City.”

Xiuh, being of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent, but (wrongly) believing that she was also Anishinaabe based on a family story, was a victim of one of Gazi’s preferred recruitment tactics, in which they play white-passing and white Latine people’s guilt like a fiddle.

Pictured: Gazi Kodzo attempting to gaslight a white person into believing they are Indigenous, in order to artificially grow the numbers of their organization. Although Gazi claims to be "anti-white," we see time and time again that they have no problem with white folks as long as they are willing to fall under Gazi's "dictatorship." White people do not need the added inspiration to steal Indigenous identities, as First Nations people know very well. But as our interviews revealed, Gazi insists on Latine and white Hammers identifying with specific First Nations, even if the claims of membership are entirely spurious

Gazi’s habit of being directly and aggressively racist against Indigenous and African people showed itself when they asked Xiuh to take an ancestry test to prove her blood quantum. When she discovered that, in fact, her grandmother's claim about Anishinaabe heritage was incorrect, Xiuh decided to step down from Land Liberators. But according to her account, Gazi and Secretary-General Anco--whose own claims of Indigeneity are a matter of controversy--insisted that she remain on board, and even conceal the truth about her ancestry.

"If you are Mexican [like me] or any kind of Latin American, they want you to claim you are Indigenous," Xiuh says about the reductive and degrading practice of the Black Hammer Organization.

According to Comrade Savvy, the Hammer City project as approved by the ICC was originally supposed to be a more communal project set up in the tropical zone of the US South. However, Gazi's own aspirations for Hammer City were solidified after showing the membership the Netflix documentary “Wild Wild Country,” which details the years-long violent confrontation between the destructive, pro-capitalist Rajneeshi cult and the United States government, over a swath of land they purchased in Oregon and called "Rajneeshpuram."

Gradually, Xiuh claims, she was snubbed by Party leadership, who rejected her recommendations for dialogue with and consent from Indigenous nations in each of the proposed locations for the Hammer City site. Soon, she was removed from chats and her messages were ignored, and the process was taken over by the ICC. (It is important to note that Comrade Savvy's account conflicts in some respects with Xiuh's. In Pt. 3 we will provide Savvy's full testimony, perhaps the most harrowing account of Black Hammer membership on record.)

There would be no public signs of Black Hammer's decline from the "#2BFrank" peak until late spring 2021, when two highly-respected comrades within the org--Comrades Pat and Jack--released a YouTube video denouncing Black Hammer as an abusive cult. But in addition to some admittedly good work that was done by Hammers on the ground, crucial elements for Black Hammer's fall are all here, in its year-plus of "wins": fraud, coercion, alt-right clickbait tactics, sexual abuse, harassment and exploitation, exposing minors to sexually explicit content, and manipulating people in the movement to provide cover for their destructive cult behavior.

The events described in this article only peel back a few layers of the onion. Every day, new information is revealed, more Hammers disaffiliate with the cult, and Gazi comes up with new schemes to assassinate the character of their enemies.

In their latest cry for attention, the Hammers staged a laughable protest against vaccinations, riding the wave of media chatter over Nicki Minaj’s tweets advocating against COVID vaccinations. This makes sense, considering that Nicki Minaj has a reputation for sexual abuse apologetics, and given the leadership's history of arbitrarily deciding which sexual assaults are grounds for expulsion from the cult.

Without raising alarm about Augustus Romain and the Hammers, the cycle of chasing grift after grift will continue. More people will be taken advantage of and face trauma, wasting their precious time being swindled into being Romain’s personal followers rather than doing actual work to liberate any community from the oppression of White supremacy, capitalism, and imperialism. What can be viler than that?