Shootings, Migrants, And U.S. Fascism

"...these people are not interested in polemics and debates with the 'left'. They seek to kill because they sense that their day is done."

Shootings, Migrants, And U.S. Fascism

"...fascism is the sign of a ruling class and its settler population in trouble, fearful of the power of the masses."

In interpersonal interactions with proud citizens and parasites of the American empire – white people, including many revisionists and social democrats a.k.a. social fascists – the most striking thing you will pick up is the arrogance.

Imperialists know exactly what they are doing, they’re proud of it, and they fear the tables being turned on them. As respectable petty bourgeois America crumbles and suffers demographic and economic catastrophe (this is why white men who’d happily sterilize black and brown people campaign so heavily against abortions for white women), we can obviously expect more and more attempts to recreate things like the atrocious attack on the Pittsburgh synagogue – the shooter stupidly blamed Jewish people for the migrant caravan due to the involvement of a well known Jewish refugee assistance organizationthe hate murder of two elderly black people in a Kroger in Louisville, Kentucky – after which the shooter refused to attack a white person claiming “whites don’t shoot whites”and the bombing attempts on several bourgeois politicians and media outlets like Cory Booker, CNN, and the Clintons.

They are panicky, scared, and lash out violently at whatever targets present themselves. The danger of fascism comes not only from organized proto-fascist groups like the Proud Boys but also from lone wolves who have been conducting violent attacks going all the way back to the Posse Comitatus/Sovereign Citizen movement with its immediate roots in the late 1970s and peaked with the 1995 attack on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. These people who previously received their ideological “training” from Harold Covington novels and The Turner Diaries and old white nationalist BBS sites are now getting fed by YouTube, 4Chan and countless other sources of fascist ideology which drives them to kill. It is essential to understand: these people are not interested in polemics and debates with the “left”. They seek to kill because they sense that their day is done.

Fascism is the last recourse of the settler in settler colonial states. It is a policy of violent class collaboration in the interests of preserving the imperialist order from its inevitable collapse. Without understanding this, you will make possibly fatal mistakes.

The current migrant caravan is the direct result of US imperialist policies and destabilization attempts in Latin America. It is the pinnacle of arrogance for a country that eats the food of the people of Latin America and exploits their labor for massive super profits to send thousands of troops to the border to attempt to stop their entry. What makes this even more heinous is that the majority of US citizens currently living in Mexico are there in violation of Mexican law, and that the US stole and nationally oppressed Mexican citizens after the imperialist Mexican-American war. The United States is afraid of the consequences of its actions, afraid of the world coming back to bite it, afraid of the masses inside and outside its borders rising up and destroying imperialism everywhere. This is why it fought so hard to install Bolsonaro in Brazil, and now it has a cudgel to use against the last gasps of the inherently flawed social democratic “Pink Tide” governments in the region. This is why it grants an unlimited budget to Duterte's machinations in the Philippines.

As we Maoists know, however, paper tigers are still paper tigers regardless of how much money and weapons they throw at a problem. People want freedom, nations want liberation, and America opposes both. When two antagonistic opposites struggle, one must eventually yield and be destroyed. In the final analysis, fascism is the sign of a ruling class and its settler population in trouble, fearful of the power of the masses. It is important that we work tirelessly and prepare our communities against the coming onslaught and develop our neighborhoods into impregnable trenches of combat and base areas to shelter not only ourselves but also our comrades from other oppressed communities as well. This can only be done by a party guided by correct Maoist principles and with a solid and firm mass base built through deep and thorough involvement in every mass struggle and located in nearly every community in this country where the lowest and deepest masses live.