The neocolonial state produces the most wondrous variety of human beings and humanhoods. But by far the strangest one that defies all odds with its absurdity is the activism that abounds within its belly. It must be recognized that activism —this very vague and confusing term — is a major component in constituting a successful neocolonial entity; calling it a state is actually sacrilege, because it isn’t a state insomuch as it is an investment of the wealthy few from home and abroad. So, we will settle with "entity" whiles once in a while calling it a "state" for lack of better words in this limited colonial language. It's a thing where if countries of the Third World don’t make space for these activists, the leaders of empire themselves turn into activists for the so-called 'silenced activists' – they call it “expanding the shrinking civic space.” But there are sets of activists who are seldom mentioned or engaged within these “civic” discourses: the unapologetic, revolutionary, anti-colonialist ones. It isn’t within the scope of this essay to explore these righteous comrades and their praxis, but they deserve a fitting salute by way of mention.

The neocolonial activist doesn’t use terms such as "neocolonialism" — a term like this one is highly problematic for him since he might lose funding for dabbling with “communist conspiracies”. His language is tightly limited to a few plastic words and phrases and loads of blanket statements. She is trained at highly elaborate “leadership skills and capacity-building” programs – wherein the focus is oftentimes very individualist and narrowed down to a set of skills that will only enhance a troubled cocoon giving birth to a thoroughly colorless and nightmarish butterfly. These trainings are mostly funded and supported by western NGOs and intergovernmental bodies always lurking in the shadows as they supervise what is taught and how it is being appraised by ending every training with a tedious evaluation form. The progress made from these indoctrination sessions are measured by how these activists are focusing on the so-called "civic space" and chanting of “human rights” documents written by satiated elites at the UN. The ones who excelled in these human rights documents, these constitution-quoting marathons, are very much revered and will be given platforms and opportunities to build their “portfolios”.

Language is a very contentious and important field for this activist vocation. Like I mentioned earlier, their vocabulary is limited to a few catchphrases, but for now, let's stop here a bit and explore how important language is in the revolutionary struggle of the oppressed. Wherever there is revolutionary struggle with the masses knee-deep in the creation of a new historical trajectory, the language is always different from the mainstream cliche “social justice” circles. Words like "revolution", "resistance", "oppressor" and "oppressed" take on fundamentally new and real-life meanings. They make the people get up, ready to tear down economic systems that they start calling by their real names, such as “neoliberalism, capitalism,” etc.

The political class at such moments, in those blood-reeking days of revolt, yearn for the neocolonial activists to take their rightful place, those activists who call anti-colonialists “blame-gamers”, for whom any mention of empire’s ravage of our worlds and livings is met with cannonball, simplistic phrases such as “bad governance” as an attempt to explain our miseries and underdevelopment. In these phrases there is no scientific arrival at a clear-cut analysis, just an assumption turned into some gospel truth; that our problem isn’t anything but bad leadership. But who actively creates this bad leadership? Who killed and disposed of any leader who had a radiant, sovereign vision for her land? Who funded and supported demagogues and populist politicians? You see, these questions are seldom asked cuz the neocolonial activists aren’t trained nor accommodated to ask such gut-wrenching questions by the masters that fund and train them.

The language, then, is thoroughly sanitized and deodorized in such a way that it is neither creative nor inspirational. It's a constant lying, either blatantly or by omission. Those who dare talk about the class struggle or the petty bourgeois hijacking of the people's gains are at once labeled by both the government and those neoliberal activists. They brand them with names that they think will alienate them from the masses. We must qualify here that there are so many caught in the neocolony who are parroting these “civil society organizations” and their antics who nonetheless are sincere in their activism. They want to see change and growth in their land. They are not the ones being talked about here. The ones who create the language of reform in modeling around capitalist Europe and America, those are the ones we are talking about – the ones misguiding the innocent. Usually educated in the enemy’s ivory towers and making up the intelligentsia of the Third World, these spoiled colonized children, with a constant yearning for everything white and western, turn our people's desire for radical change into some reformist agenda for their own enrichment. They’re an integral part of the neocolonial project and occupy an important rung in the class ladder.

Moving on, we the dare say that, more than anything, the very defining feature of this horrendous field of unholy activity is the focus on three basic fundamental things that are very important for neocolonialism, namely: "freedom of expression", "assembly", and "voting". As such, these are the sacred cows of neocolonial activism. They lay the foundations, the principles, and the methodologies of this insidious movements of misguided humanity. They are funded at every step to make sure these three pillars stay in vogue and are the constant determinants of political conversation within the nation/entity. These three are necessary precisely because the masters need organized chaos, loosened ends, rapid change in the event of the rise of a revolutionary leadership that will starve them. You need to have freedom of expression so there will be a constant chatter, but not for the sake of progress —come on, you would be a fool to think the European Union wants you developed and independent. This expression issue is always a hot topic in the neocolony. As a pillar, it has been used to prop up and even bring down entire regimes. It's main function is to protect, promote and promulgate bourgeois ideology.

You then have freedom of assembly, that most troublesome of all of the pillars. This human right they never stop talking about is very important for both master and servant. In the creation of the martyr for neoliberal democracy’s cause and the heroic anesthetics thereof, you need this pillar. No wonder there is so much funding out there waiting for “direct action”-oriented activities. How else are you also going to get rid of entire regimes who aren’t “democratic” if you can’t inspire an adventurous streak in the people? This is why, in these times, the biggest threat to revolutionary and progressive regimes has been this so-called "right to assembly" and/or protest. And if you so much as attempt to curtail it, then the masters will not sleep, since they will be busy constantly churning out propaganda towards anyone standing as an obstacle to its emergence. Then, just like that, our lands are plunged into disarray, wars and conflict.

These protests are very different from the organized efforts of the masses in changing history forever. These reformist demonstrations are usually not organized, as the neocolonial activist doesn’t care too much for organization, its rather always an effort for mobilization. Because, for him, the people are just disposable agents that can be used and dismissed for an ambition. Manipulating the desires of the masses to get regime change through bloodbaths in the name of protests that make no gains for the people. But again, don’t question the sacred cow! “Protests are an integral part of every democracy”, a scripture found in the neocolonial state.

Then, voting, this one is the ultimate measure of whether a nation is “democratic.” It is to be practiced every four or five years without fail. It's not to be missed. Preached as the ultimate savior of the failings and trappings of politicians, voting is something that is not to be compromised, since that would make the master unhappy, costing the political class everything. In this exercise you see how these reactionary parties with no love for the masses use everything to get into the houses of power. They will dig up tribal allegiances and old animosities within the people so as to define and conquer. There is always a lot of support for these parties from the masters since they will need puppets in power who they can manipulate at will into stealing and tunneling out the resources of the land. These pillars are constantly guarded such that a progressive power will never take root, so that the people will always be ruled by the most insensitive people who will sell the soul of the land to the highest bidder. These activists are called on to preach the gospel. They must never falter because “good governance, democracy and human rights” are only realized through these rituals. A travesty!

In conclusion, we must at once say these pillars are important for any society, but they aren’t the most important in the land of the impoverished. Once they’re pushed as the only things worthwhile, it all becomes hugely problematic. The foremost needs of the people are land, bread, and water. The material conditions must be sound and bettered for one and all. No everyday person cares about freedom of expression when they’re dying of hunger and their children dying of curable diseases. But the activists in the neocolony, smitten by the utterly useless, conference going, human rights-document-quoting idiocy are not learning this. They’re busy being further alienated from the truth of the masses and, in so doing, lose ground while the rich eat the poor with wild abandon.