9 progressive protesters were released earlier today after being arrested Sunday for demonstrating outside a Dallas Cowboys game. Stephanie Briant, 29, Daryl Burnham, 31, Miracle Freeman, 29, Arminta Jeffreys, 25, Michael Lowe, 38, Melissa Perry, 33, Davante Peters, 25, Lelani Russell, 25, and Dion Williams, 29 were all arrested for “obstructing traffic” (Lowe had an additional ‘resisting arrest charge’) outside AT&T stadium. All were held hostage until paying bail and appearing before a judge. According to some obscure point of bourgeois bullshit law the police were unable to set bail for the Class B misdemeanors with which they were charged. Therefore, they were required to be transported to Tarrant County Jail and be hauled before a magistrate before having their bail set.

Meanwhile, murderous Dallas pig Amber Guyger, who murdered Botham Jean in his own home on September 6th and has been charged with manslaughter after turning herself in on September 9th, spent only a few hours in jail and has been treated with the equivalent of kid gloves by the system, being allowed to sit at home unbothered. She was allowed to remove her property from her apartment, without it being searched. How much evidence was concealed and destroyed? Furthermore, what is the extent of complicity of the police in this blatant and obvious coverup? The victim’s apartment was meticulously searched and marijuana was discovered. What relevance does this have to the fact that this murderous pig murdered him in his own home? Was Guyger sober or not? There have been several instances of drunk and high pigs taking people’s lives, in Saint Louis, for example, Jason Flannery, the killer of Vonderrit Myers in the Shaw district, crashed his vehicle while high on cocaine. Yet we have seen no toxicology report or anything else revealing the mental state of Guyger. Once again, we have very cold and clear proof of the inherently, irrevocably racist nature of American so-called policing. A man is murdered in his own home by an off duty pig, in a city with a black police chief and black city executive, and the victim, who had no criminal record whatsoever (not that it would necessarily matter if he did), is assassinated by the pig bootlicking press. Meanwhile, peaceful protesters (personally, I believe Dallas has been far too peaceful) were held on a bullshit technicality longer than the killer.
Contradictions in this country are getting sharper and clearer, day by day. Only a willfully blinded fool or someone who has a material stake in defanging the anger of the lowest and deepest masses would continue to preach peace and calm in the face of ever more blatant outrage. Illusions and smokescreens are being revealed day by day. Furthermore, we’re on the path towards another economic “crisis”, like clockwork because capitalism has crisis built into it. Fascism, in and out of uniform, is on the rise. There are Nazis, real Nazis, in police departments. Stretch this further and do some analysis and you realize that the system of policing in and of itself is Nazi as hell. People give less and less of a fuck. What remains to be seen is who will do what must be done to organize and build power among the lowest and deepest segments of the people and cast away phony bootlicking misleadership. In essence, keep an eye on Dallas. Keep an eye on your local police. Organize your neighbors and arm yourself. They’re kicking in your door next.