To the proletariat,

This is the biggest sit-in, protest, strike against capitalism we have yet seen, kindly delivered to us by nature and proliferated by greed. It's been shown clearly that the drive for profit is ever more important for capital than for the well-being of humanity. The rising cost of living, the enclosure of the commons, the concern with the market over human life, the naked and wanton disregard for the poor billions, and the list goes on — please do add on.

All of this shows us one thing, a thing that has (and is still) consistently echoed for two centuries now: the self-evident truth that capitalism is anti-life.

Read that again, don’t just gloss over it. Internalize it then go on and read the debates of politicians and corporate leaders. Then try remembering that phrase and reflect through a soliloquy.

You will be home mostly these days, especially if you live in the West. For most workers in the Neo-colonial periphery though, there is no break, for you would rather risk dying from the Corona than from starvation. In the Third World, you choose your cause of death wisely. There are no promised subsidies, just the fight against the government to care for life a little more this time and close the airports from the corona-carrying westerners — we beg, because they love massa too goddamn much not to let them in.

These woes are being recounted to remind ourselves of the unbearable light of privilege out in the west and the burden of privation on neocolonial beings. Regardless, these are times to remind one another of the imperative for Revolution, with a capital R. Today we are bounded together, whether you are in the plantation or at home, by the open fact that profit and its drive is dead without you. That, without your working hands and minds, the system grinds to a standstill, and even toilet paper becomes more relevant than capitalism’s most sophisticated machinery. The working class at this moment shines a radiant light that has hitherto been obscured by the profit-pollution of capital’s monstrous night sky.

As you stay home, start with the little things. Feel how leisure really permeates your tired and restless bones. You haven’t felt this in a long while, cuz even the short vacations and holidays don’t feel like anything but sleepwalking through a nightmare before heading back to the assembly line — whatever it resembles today. Read that book you have put off for a long time. Share those readings with those close by, physically or virtually. Reach out to long lost friends and comrades and start building something, a solid thing that will not resemble hazy mindless bar room meetings. Build and organize around a mutual aid, cooperative, solidarity and gift economy. Look out for each other, even across the oceans, because the worker has no country, just chains she must cut loose. The system at this time will want to come through, to act as if it's the most caring and egalitarian commune there is. Don’t fall for it, just like how you don’t fall for those little messages from cellular companies or any such corporations about how they care about you as they rob you dry. Trust only your fellow suffering sister and brother.

As you build this beautiful economy to sustain each other thru the times, don’t forget the need for a complete overthrow of this wretched system. The end goal of looking out for each other isn’t a crisis, a panic driven attempt, but rather a genuine alleviation of our common suffering. Since the suffering comes from a common agent, why don’t we band together, destroy it, and expand our model of economics? If it's being imagined, it can be done. If it can be done, the organization and foundations must be well underway. And the best time to defeat an enemy is to attack at its moment of weakness – and trust me, they’re getting weaker by the day, as if infected by a virus all their own. But it's not my objective to dwell on the enemy, I am only offering word to eat them and build new and dope worlds within this one.

Be careful of their media, because they will try to fill you with anxiety that has nothing to do with the virus, because this system works through fear. Don’t let them steal your joy. They will monger all types of fear, but just remember one basic fact: you have nothing to lose but your chains. You’ll find them talking about the shortage of foodstuffs and all such necessary things for our survival and how that’s going to bring down civilization as we know it. But this, comrades is supposed to make you even more angry and ready to tear down this rotten system. Look at it like this: who created a system where things are not produced for the sustenance of everyone, but just for the profits of a few? Who made drugs and medical care private and so expensive when it can be available for all without affecting anyone’s pockets? They will go on and on, but in essence what they are complaining and pontificating about isn’t for you, but for them. They’re talking about the losses they will accrue. About the plummeting rate of their stocks or whatever other near-mystical terms they have for ripping you, the workers, off.

As for the worker in the neocolony forced to choose between going out and striving for a morsel or staying indoors and starving, the place isn’t buzzing as hard. Imperialism is busy trying to save itself from dying in the mother countries. This is the time for us to come together and study once more the neocolonial state which is busy trying to convince us that we will survive it all because they have “put proper measures in place,” a typical phrase that translates to “we don’t care or know what we are doing, just die already.” Organize one another during this weakness and carefree attitude of the state. Show those who are unconscious the very evident truth that the neocolonial state doesn’t care if we live or die. It has become apparent, now more than ever, the complete emasculation of a state that is always at the beck and call of outside powers, in good and solemn times alike. The work of the politically conscious remains: to educate, organize and demonstrate how the virus is also a political pandemic — this must be scientifically proven through a thorough conjunctural analysis.

This is also the time to activate the age old communal way of living and to support one another and be vigilant so that no shop owner or big supermarket in the impoverished neighborhood hikes prices. We must create our armies to defend our territories from economic bandits. No hoarding, no price hiking. Ours is also a society steeped in deluded self-assurance based in superstitions, thanks to colonialism and corrupt regimes with bad education. In these times we must educate that no power on high will destroy the virus other than our own fallible human efforts. To follow protective measures, and not believe that black and brown people are immune to these pandemics. On and on to anything that will protect and propel us to a more dignified future.

Workers of all nations, of all hues and tongues: this is the time to break the old chains. To burn the master’s house to the ground and own the plantation as a mutual trust. Your enemy is the boss, not the worker next to you. Revolution is your birthright and your responsibility for the creation of brilliant futures which will have radiant descendants. Wash your hands and break your chains! You have a world to win!