It’s a given that even when a Black person in the United States is the victim of crime that results in their death (see Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Vonderritt Myers), they are subject to a second assassination of their character. If I somehow end up dead at the hands of the police or an individual settler vigilante, I can look forward to a media narrative being constructed to make me out to be a sort of terrorist or fanatic raised by a family of violent criminals. So, when I see everyone from the idiot President of the doomed United States to white queer people to the more compradorish wing of the NBA mocking and demeaning Jussie Smollett of Empire fame for supposedly manufacturing a “hate crime” to garner sympathy I’d be angered and shocked if I didn’t know that this was the American standard. So, let’s Maoize this a bit.

America is a settler-colonial prisonhouse of nations. It is built on stolen land, stolen people, and stolen wealth. America is a problem. The only solution to the American problem is protracted people’s war. Without this basic understanding forming the rock solid foundation of every aspect of your political analysis, what you say will inevitably be revisionist, social-democratic, or semi-fascist. America is built on great lies and great crimes. There is no crime that an individual Black person can commit that can match the levels of depredation and criminality committed against our people day by day by the white settler nation. Who has impoverished entire countries? Who is preparing to dismantle and destroy Venezuela for its natural resources? Who set up fascism in Brazil? Who incarcerates millions of black people for profit? Who has your neighborhood looking like Mogadishu? Who has Mogadishu looking like Mogadishu? Who destroyed the Middle East? Who stole the land of the indigenous people? Who is building pipelines on what little land they have left? Who gave Puerto Ricans cancer and sterilized colonized women in Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas and California? Who watched as black men died from syphilis? Who lied about all of these things? Who escaped punishment for all of these things? You and I both know the answers.

Jussie Smollett is none of settler America’s business. You call the police on us everyday, you kill us every day. If the New Afrikan nation executed a settler for every black person murdered, poisoned, tortured, incarcerated, lied to, or denied the full enjoyment of life today, there would be none of you left. Focus on getting your family to not lie on us and ruin our lives, endanger our employment, get us thrown our of our homes, etc. Or have you forgotten the spate of frivolous police calls that became viral media sensations last year? Have you forgotten the fact that all a white man had to do to steal a successful black farmer’s land was to get his wife and daughter to cry “rape” and thereby summon the lynchers? Until settler America joins us in denouncing the police and the United States, do not mention Jussie Smollett.

Until the settler nation is collectively through armed force held accountable for its crimes against my people and other people around the globe from 1492 all the way up until the publishing of this piece and later, do not mention crimes or supposed crimes committed by individual Black or Brown people to me. Until the leaders of the American Government are collectively hanged for past, present and future war crimes, do not mention Jussie Smollett. Until the New Afrikan flag is hoisted over Washington DC, do not call his name.