Big Pigs Spank Little Pigs in Saint Louis

Four white Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department officers, Dustin Boone, Bailey Colletta, Randy Hays and Christopher Myers were indicted this afternoon on federal charges after Boone, Hays and Myers brutally beat a black officer named Luther Hall (identified as L.H.) who was working undercover during last year’s Stockley protests (and mistaken for a protester) and then conspired to cover their tracks. The incident in question occurred the night of September 17, 2017, in which demonstrators along with several passersby and journalists were illegally kettled on the corner of Washington and Tucker and mercilessly beaten and maced prior to being mass arrested. Officers were seen destroying property of arrested individuals and taking other steps with the express purpose of covering up their vile deeds, then mocking protesters by chanting “Whose streets, our streets”. In the course of all this Hall’s cell phone was broken. This incident has generated several lawsuits and, now, indictments for lying to a federal grand jury, conspiracy and depriving Hall of his constitutional rights. Text message exchanges detail how these pigs loathed the demonstrators and were all too ready and willing to attack them violently. When they were caught beating one of their own, they proceeded to lie and attempt to cover their tracks.

Let’s clarify something, hell with all pigs, black and white. But this is an interesting thing — racial contradictions in this city are so vicious and brutal that black and white cops are segregated into two unions. The four pigs indicted today are members of the white union, the Saint Louis Police Officers’ Association, led by notorious asshole Jeff Roorda. The interests of black police are represented by the Ethical Society of Police, which attracted notoriety for calling for an indictment of pig Stockley last year. A lawsuit has been filed by a black officer, now resigned, detailing the years of abuse and torture he experienced at the hands of white officers who in many instances expressed intent to murder him and other black officers. A few years ago an off duty black cop was shot by his white brothers in arms while trying to assist in the apprehension of a suspect. STL is a unique city in that the racial contradictions here are more often than not primary and impacting all levels of society in an explosive and violent fashion. This indictment, of course, will not transform the character of the STLMPD, which now has a black chief, just like the presence of a black prosecutor in the county will not transform the structure of that institution. These cracks will only grow deeper and longer and we will see more and more instances of the agents of armed capitalist imperialist power cannibalizing each other along racial lines. There will be more back and forth quarrels and spats and beefs and incidents of pig on pig violence. The fact that the big Fed pigs are now up the ass of the little STL pigs and have indicted several of them adds some more spice in the mix. For those inclined to celebrate such a thing as this indictment, keep in mind that the purpose of this is to spank them for being so viciously racist that they forget that fascism in the US has a multinational array of running dogs and it would behoove them to not beat and shoot fellow running dogs that happen to be black because the class in control of this country demands some outward semblance of unity in their armed wings of repression. Continued incidents of this nature will fracture their unity and exacerbate contradictions and make it difficult to recruit black running dogs to send to the black community to snitch and spy for dollars. Black and white cops beating and violating the civil rights of protesters will not draw any indictments anytime soon.